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Paris first



Bonjour Mon Amie,

The first day was rough. No sleep, no food, no map, so I was dizzy and lost but still smiling. I was lost for six hours before I found my hostel, not surprising to those who know me. Paris stinks, it is really dirty, and the people are pretty. All of them, well many of them. The metro system is difficult, the Paris metro app saved my life, thank you Monsieur Montoya, a good friend of mine with lots of Parisian experience and advice. Everyone is kind and speaks English with a French accent, I love it. The first day, all I had the confidence to say in French was Merci and vous parlez anglais?20131010-075512.jpg

When I checked into my hostel I took a shower then went out for some dinner. I walked around for an hour reading cafe menus and found escargots, my anticipation of all paris cuisine! I was not too excited about spending 13‚ā¨+ on a meal and decided to go to the market shop instead. I picked a tiny loaf of bread that had walnuts baked into it. Yummyish I’ve decided I don’t like walnuts but it was still good. I paired it with goat cheese balls that had figs in the middle and I sucked on those. They get a sweet and creamy YUM!!!!!!

I ate it in bed then passed out in my clothes.

I keep waking up at two. This night it was a lucky coincidence that my friend FaceTimed me. I was so excited I cried a little. I walked down the stairs to find that I could not get out, so I stood there and chatted as our voices echoed up the entire building oops!

I then returned to my bed and my mom called me. Before my friend called me I had left once to use le toilette and I remember being woken almost every hour by someone else before all this so I had to decline my mothers call :'(. I guess I didn’t have to but….. ūüė¶

I chatted with her a little over Skype message and ya I love her.

730 am comes and my roommates are getting up. Yeah!!!! New day!!!!! I get a message from my Memau… I want you to go to my favorite museum Le Louvre and the little one next to it…. So that was my goal, after I get a phone, after I get a train ticket out of here, and after I find it. Haha soooo I find it around 4. And decide to get some lunch/dinner meal instead. I sit at this cafe called something like “Orangina”, I don’t know. I hope that’s it. I’m embarrassed to say what I ordered so I will just keep it between me and my parents.IMG_0202

Between my 7:30 am croissant and coffee at the hostel I saw a lot. I went to this market thing that reminded me of the knock off brand market you find in Tijuana, say it with a Mexican accent. That was cool but I was trying to get to Le Louvre not Mexico. I referred to my map, got my bearings and found myself at the big mall that sits underground only a couple blocks from Le Louvre which I did not know. I went in and the first store is a music store. I was really sad I don’t have a CD player or a camera to document these French artist. The store sold books too coulda bought one, yes, coulda carried it, no, coulda read it, yes, coulda shoulda woulda. I moved on.

IMG_0901Inside which what seemed to be the middle there was this theater thing set up where you could sit¬†down in one of these four raised rows of red velvet seats. I did. They were showing this movie about fashion things it was in French I didn’t know¬†what it was saying but I had felt like I had been searching for music for days and it was playing. Whatever it was it lifted my mood and it brought my hair out of its braid. I got some energy, got up and walked down one of the many off shoots of halls that you couldn’t see the end of. I passed by all the clothes stores bc I’m broke and have no need for something new on a farm. I found a health¬†store it had like aromatherapy¬†products in the front so I was like “ME” and sniffed a lot, and put on a lot. I wondered farther and found some dog collars, this is like an all family store. For real, because behind that, I found baby toys. I played them all!!! I was playing with that thing you put over your hand and all the little nail type things mold to it and you turn it over and you see the shape of your hand it’s really cool. Do you know what I’m talking about? All the nails are stopped by the plexus glass except the ones not pushed up by your hand. Ya? This pretty little old lady walks up behind me as I set it down and she said “bebe amusant?” as she laughs at me. I said “oui” it was only then that I realized I was in the baby section. I found this other toy that made baby cow calf sounds, two at a time was really amusing.IMG_0576

I was tired of the mall at that point and was feeling lonely because it was a family store and it brought up sad thoughts. So I left and as I was leaving there was this church in front of me which I could enter. I went in thinking it was the Notre Damne it had round windows so it was similar I thought. They had reserved places set up for prayer so I sat down and meditated. Brought myself back to the moment the place I was and to myself. I looked at everything in there. I tried to see every detail, every painting and sculpture and the stories behind them. At that moment I wish I was more familiar with the bible but I knew enough to recognize some of the stories. I told myself a little quote I once read.

“Religion is the belief in others experiences, Spirituality is the belief in your own”

I saw so much symbolism in that one building it was overwhelming.


And then I left and found myself sitting across from three Parisians at that cafe I mentioned earlier. A group of kids maybe my age were outside being outlandish and funny. I could only hear them laughing.

Backing up I have forgotten a large part of my day. Purchasing my cell phone. I found an Orange shop and found a phone and it’s plan for 54‚ā¨. The young man assisting me adored my smile and maybe my accent. He memorized my number and asked me if he could call me. I said yes, he is kinda cute and listens to folk music. We played phone tag all day and decided to try tomorrow. He gets off work around 730. I might take him up on his offer of dinner and a rock concert. I am hesitant though but we will see.