A three month adventure in France



Why is WWOOFing or Helpxing transformative ?

I have to first talk about myself, my apologies but then I will get into the stories.

I came here because I want to be a Dr. A clinical psychologist. I have an option to go to school and get American Psychological Association (APA) accredited and then find myself not really healing people. For me this wouldn’t work.

I have an option to go to school and get my Clinical Counseling Doctorate and then I can get my acupuncture license, I can get my certificate in herbs, I can get my Ayurvedic license, my Homeopathic license, my osteopathic license, or maybe just one of those because I would die before I finished school with all those but I do not want to choose one because they all help heal people.

Or I could go to school get my Naturopathic physicians doctorate with an emphasis in psychology but then I am not insured and I will get sued all the time. So I came here.

I came to get in touch with nature because all of these native traditions have that in common. I am not going to get anywhere by standing at two opposites of an issue. Here the two opposites are Western Medicine and “Alternative/ Native Practices” or as Metropolitan State University of Denver once called or calls it Integrative Therapeutic Practices. The best college education program in America. I must stand in the middle on a farm. I must not go black nor white I must find my way to the grey and that is a small combination of both which creates or gives birth to a new system. Farming. Nature (tradition). For me at least this is a healing practice that works.

To further answer my original question, how has this benefited my health?

I am physically getting healthy, it shows. I am mentally getting healthy, slowly, and my spirits are also finding health. There are seven and more aspects of health that I can list that have benefitted also from this experience but mind, body,and spirit are talked about the most. Honestly, financial health, environmental health, social health ect. are all transformed and impacted by one, your spirit. Just spirit.

Believe me or not, label me, say I’m this or that, but I stand firmly in the middle on a farm healing myself in hopes to inspire others to take responsibility for their own health and take the responsibility out of the hands of those majority of Doctors who do not understand the true origin of disease.

That is what I have been doing. 🙂 I have been a child playing with goats, olives and other children. My sudo parents have been my host and oh what magnificent human beings they are.

Currently I am so very lucky to live with or working with two women who are infinitely fascinating. I cannot believe I have only three more weeks of living, cooking and picking olives with them.


This has helped me Spiritually because I have been around plants all day, trees, the plant that most resembles us. Olive trees here. Each tree is different just like humans. Each grows in its own direction and I learned yesterday that you can tell a lot about a trees root system by the way it grows. Some trees completely grow on one side. Funny.

A farm is a sanctuary. A place to quite the wind that gets caught in our branches and uproots us. The wind is our mind, the branches are our consciousness and our roots are our instincts.

We all have them. Our instincts are always right no matter what. No one can read, no one can hear your instincts but you. When we stop listening to our instincts we get caught in behavior that is unkind to ourselves and those around us. I don’t want to say it but drug abuse and this includes food, can dig up roots.

No worries as long as you can breathe (thank you Kristen) you still have life and access to your roots. Drugs are okay as long as you don’t get caught up in the branches as one of my great professors once said to me. Or lose touch with your instincts.

I can tell you my instincts feel like they are inside of me like they are warm and so powerful they make me want to make a noise, sing, hum, say ah or something. Say hell ya!

I hope you read this and get what I am trying to say. I hope I bring you love for yourself and more importantly for those around you. Love for the things around you, not the TV, not the news, but yes the objects, the people, their characters, the music, the smells, the taste, the directions, the sense’s in front of you. Google sense’s there are more than five as I learned tonight. Google it!!!!!! These get you in touch with your instincts your roots and brings a very important smile to your very beautiful face.

People I have paraphrased and who have inspired this,

George Vitholkus (I think that is how you spell it)
Audrey Hepburn
Steve Rissman
And my new friends at Olives en Provence and the lady at my first farm.
Oh and this random gem I found at my hostel in Toulon…. A lot of him. I will email him this.


Picture story time 🙂 like a kids book. Hehe


I’ll come to this soon. 🙂

With unconditional love,
Amanda Jewel Bourgeois


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